Rome & 40!

Or drive to Toulouse was uneventful and we arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare for our flight to Rome.
This time in Rome we are staying in the area of Trastevere, which translates literally to “across the Tiber,” was once considered the outskirts of Rome and therefore allowed to develop its own flavor. It is now part of il centro storico but it has a distinct charm with its cobblestone narrow streets, resturants, bars and gelaterias.
We arrived in at lunch time and our first job was to find lunch the children were looking forward to pizza and pasta – Abigail not expecting radioactive apple juice!!
Then it was on to the colosseum to hopefully get in before it closed-unfortunately we were too late!, last entry 3:30. So we took it all in and did the touristy thing and took some photos!

20130120-175434.jpg 20130120-175456.jpg

From there we went to Il Vittoriano. This massive mountain of white marble began construction in 1885 to commemorate Italian unification and honour Victor Emmanuel II, it also incorporates the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You can now go to the top for great view over Rome.

20130121-173930.jpg 20130121-173943.jpg
The weekend unfortunately was drizzly but we donned out jackets and headed out to the Vatican to see the museums and of course the Sistine chapel. The museums were founded by Pope Julius II in the early 16th century and enlarged by successive popes. This ostentatious, 5.5-hectare complex consists of two palaces – the Vatican palace nearest St Peter’s and the Belvedere Palace. It houses one of the worlds greatest collections of paintings, tapestries and sculptures.

20130121-173431.jpg 20130121-173454.jpg 20130121-173506.jpg 20130121-173519.jpg
Then we climbed St. Peter’s to the top of the dome. The last time we were here we had Bella and Wills as 6 month olds. After doing the climb again and remembering how narrow it is climbing alongside the dome, I’m not quite sure how we did it with babies in backpacks.

20130121-174233.jpg 20130121-174310.jpg 20130121-174325.jpg 20130121-174650.jpg
We spent lots of time walking through the cute streets and found much entertainment on the way. Counting how many people would try to sell us an umbrella-we reached 45 in one day! Small Roman cars and funny looking men!!

20130121-175600.jpg 20130121-175636.jpg 20130121-175656.jpg 20130121-175748.jpg 20130121-175820.jpg 20130121-175833.jpg
One of the wonderful things about Rome is wandering along narrow cobblestone streets turning a corner and suddenly you are looking into a large open space like Piazza Navona.

20130121-180647.jpg 20130121-180712.jpg
Or Trevi Fountain

20130121-180847.jpg 20130121-180950.jpg
Or the Spanish Steps

Or the Pantheon
Or any of the hundreds of other piazza’s and fountains in the city.
We went back to the Colosseum to take the kids inside and see what was originally known as Flavian Amphitheatre, built between 72 and 80 AD. It could hold between 60,000 and 80,000 bloodthirsty spectators that came to see gladiators meet in mortal combat and condemned prisoners fight off wild beasts. (Sounds a bit like Suncorp stadium on state of origin night!!!) Games held there to mark the inauguration lasted for 100 days and 5000 animals were slaughtered!



Monday was my birthday and as someone said I reached an auspicious age. The skies cleared and turned blue and I got to spend my 40th in the wonderful city of Rome with my dear Simon and 3 wonderful children, eating pizza, pasta and gelato. We went to dinner at a lovely family owned restaurant in a building that dates back to 980AD and a cellar that dates back to 180 BC!!!

20130121-223107.jpg 20130121-223121.jpg
A wonderful day.

13 thoughts on “Rome & 40!

  1. A very special way to reach an auspicious age Nat, happy birthday from the Kirkegaards. You don’t look a day older than when you were there with the twins as babies, I say!
    Emmie is very jealous about you seeing the Sistine Chapel given it was closed the day we were there.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful city / country to celebrate in. Italy is a favourite of mine with lots of wonderful memories. Loving all the updates / photos. T

  3. Wow! Happy 40th! Still so young!!…
    What a brilliant post. Really enjoyed reading this, what a fab way to spend your birthday.

  4. Hi Nat , a very happy 40th from the jardine’s and Sutherlands sorry to be a bit late but very patchy Internet etc where we are. Sounds like you are still having fun but no doubt home is starting to call. We are looking forward to catching up. All us well here with heaps of snow, snows all the time i have never seen so much if it piled wverywhere but we have a couple if clear days and its really beautiful with a huge volcano we can now see, cold but coping with the aid I’d artificial extremity warmers, powder snow is very forgiving for an average skier like me!

    Lots of love for your birthday

  5. Happy Birthday Nat!!!

    the photos of Rome look absolutely beautiful, what a way to end your adventure.

    see you soon.

  6. Yes happy 40th my darling daughter … and the photos of Rome are fabulous what a great place for your birthday….
    next Hong Kong then home ! … take care …
    lots love Mum

  7. Love the photos. Rome does old stuff so well! Love the little cars too. Awesome way to celebrate a milestone. Welcome to the club! Safe trip home.

  8. Ok enough already, just get home. By the way the photo of Will and Belle in the backpacks was so precious.

    1. I’ll definitely come home if there is champers on offer!!! See you next week. I am not looking forward to the running pain!!!!

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